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Trademark Policy:

Use of REALTOR™ Logos and Trademarks:

All products produced using the REALTOR™ trademark, are performed solely at the request of individual qualified agents holding a valid REALTOR(R) designation, and the various Real Estate Boards and Associations located around the country. NAR allows that your reproduction needs may be varied. Thus a logo guidebook has been created to help insure the correct use of the REALTOR R name, logo and Trademarks are properly employed. As either a REALTOR™ or as a Real Estate Board or an Association, you have the limited right to order products with the REALTOR™ trademark reproduced using a reputable company of your choice so long as you insure the correct usage of the trademark is employed at all times. The owners of and it's parent company have successfully been providing REALTOR imprinted products for over 35 years under these guidelines.

To fully understand your rights under NAR rules, we recommend you investigate on the related link below.

Should you have any questions or require any further clarification on the issue, we highly encourage you to contact the NAR Trademark officials directly.

Summary: All purchases made from our entity assume the buying entity is taking full responsibility for the licensed use of the respective logos.