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The Four R's: We are committed to:
  • Reduce: We will reduce or eliminate all unnecessary expenditures and waste products wherever possible.
  • Reuse: We will reuse packaging, printer paper, ink cartridges, etc. at every opportunity.
  • Recycle: As a last resort, we will insure all materials entering or leaving our facilities are either recycled or rendered able to be recycled.
  • Revive: We support the efforts of organizations who are committed to reclaiming, restoring and reviving damaged habitats so that future generations can all enjoy this beautiful place we call Earth.

The Four C's: We are committed to:
  • Clean Air: If we use air in our production operations, we are committed to returning it back to the environment in the same or better condition as when it was borrowed.
  • Clean Water: If we use water in our production operations, we are committed to returning it back to the environment in the same or better condition as when it was borrowed.
  • Clean Earth: If we use any earthly materials our production operations, we are committed to returning them back or allowing them to be returned back to the environment in the same or better condition as when they were borrowed.
  • Clean Living: Along with keeping an eye on our business practices, we take strides within our personal households to consider the environment first.

Accountability: We agree to be held openly accountable for insuring all facets of our operations are making progress in improving all areas of our commitment to the environment.

Elected Officials:We are committed to electing, re-electing and supporting only those politicians who can clearly demonstrate their past and future ongoing commitment to the environment in which we all live and prosper. We openly hold our city, county, state and federal government accountable for any harm they knowingly or unknowingly allow be caused to our environment.

Employee Responsibility:We openly challenge, charge and ultimately rely upon our employees to help us live up to our commitment in adhering to strict environmental protocols in every facet of our operations and to openly report any harmful practices without fear of job loss or retribution.

Industry Examples:We challenge all others within our industry to rise to the challenge and follow or exceed the example our staff sets toward operating an environmentally friendly enterprise and households.

Responsible Stewards: Any waste, corruption or abuse we witness is immediately reported to the applicable authorities and followed up on to insure proper action is always being taken.

Supplier Commitment: We now ask that all suppliers to our operations make the same impassioned commitments to the environment as do we in helping to insure our beautiful blue planet can be passed down to all future generations in the most pristine condition possible. If our suppliers are unwilling or fail to make this same commitment to the environment, they will cease being one of our valued suppliers. By insisting this same basic commitment be honored by all suppliers of all companies, real change within the global marketplace can begin to take place.

We Vote With Our Pocketbooks: On any purchases made, we always choose the environment over price, convenience and comfort.

We Wear Our "Green Out On Our Sleeve":
We make it easy for anyone to find our Green Policy page by linking this page to the new internationally recognized "R Rating" icon symbolizing our ongoing commitment toward protecting the environment.

Be sure to look for the Earth Mom Icon on every web site you visit. Click the icon below to view our EarthMom profile page.