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Since 1980, over 500 Real Estate Board and Association Stores located coast to coast have consistently relied on us for great products and service. Here is what a few of them have had to say about us.

Georgia MLS: Randal always does a great job at providing new products and in getting us good prices on our existing products. He always manages to get our orders out quick and is always available to answer questions. The consignment program he offers allows us to try out new products we might otherwise be a bit skeptical about at first. David Richliew, GAMLS Retail Operations Manager

San Antonio Board: I'm happy to let everyone know that Randal Spence is a pleasure to work with. He really stays on top of every order and always takes the time to communicate the status. His excellent customer service makes my job so much easier. Not to mention that my customers are very happy with the quality of the products represented . . . Tammy Novan, Store Manager

Collin County Assn: What the hell Randal ? ? ? I place an order in the AM and receive my order in the PM the same day? How impressive is that and all the way from Las Vegas no less. Fast service, low prices, free shipping? Good job sir . . . Payment is in the mail! Dan Hunt, Store Manager

St. Louis Assn: It is always fun doing business with Randal. I only wish I'd found him much sooner. He's a great source of new products and is always very patient when it comes to addressing our many needs . . . Judy Partsch, Store Manager

California Desert Assn:
I've done business with Randal now for well over 25 years. He supplies many of my top selling products at prices significantly below those of his competitors. I look forward enjoying his product selection and top notch client service for many more years to come . . . Patrick Truscott, Store Manager

Orlando Regional Realtors Assn: Your were so right! I can't believe how fast our first order of Yard Sails flew out the door. Our members are already clamoring for the various stock and custom logo versions you have available. I'm so glad you offer a program to accommodate our diverse logo needs . . . Cathy Case, Store Manager

Prince William Assn: If you are looking for competitve prices and products for your REALTOR(R) store, you've found it! IN addition to his prompt customer service, Randal always makes his customers feel like he cares about our success just as much as he cares about the products he provides us . . . Kaitlyn German, Store Manager

Burlington Camden Assn: I am always satisfied with the excellent service provided by REALeDEALs along with the quickest turnaround time I've ever experience, less than 24 hours. In an industry where everyone wants everything yesterday, Randal really delivers. As I am usually too busy to keep up on re-orders, I like that he calls me uncannily at times where I most need to reorder. Coming from someone who used to own her own business, I truly can appreciate the extra personal touch. . . . Anna Mendez, Store Manager

Winston-Salem Rgnl Assn: We were blown away at the fast service and free delivery on our recent H-Stake order. We ordered on Monday and received delivery promptly on Tuesday. Being a small association, it's great to have someone to work closely with in helping to lower our costs. Francis Gough, Store Manager

Pasadena Foothill Assn: I've conducted business with Randal Spence for many years. I find him to be my most helpful of Vendors. He always has time to add a personal touch to our transaction and has the ability to offer great products and good prices. If I have asked for something not yet available with his company he will always work with me to find the product and get me a good price. Without any hesitation, I would encourage you to give REALeDEALS a try . . . Julie Bustillos, Assn Asst, Receptionist/Realtor Store

Minneapolis Assn: Randal provides great customer service and wonderful products! In addition, it's always fun to work with Randal. I feel we are a "team", working together to provide products for our members. I could write a whole paragraph here! . . . Dee Hoseth, Store Manager - (Retired)

Middle Tennessee Assn: Thanks for sending out all the e-mails about the new product lines you come up with. Since I'm always looking for new things to promote the store and try to help Realtors promote their open houses, you make my job just a bit easier on me . . . Janae Eberting, Front Office Manager

Greater Las Vegas Assn: Our Association has worked with Randal for several years now and have always enjoyed uncommonly prompt and courteous service. He continues to provide us with unique new products at reasonable prices. Randal is one of my favorite vendors and has made managing my store these past four years an absolute pleasure . . . Samantha Walker, REAL Store Manager

Greater Nashville Assn: I have really appreciated Randal's ability to find innovative products at very competitive prices. His willingness to provide consignment opportunities has allowed our Association to offer our members exposure to new products without undue financial strain. Randal is a man of his word and a pleasure to work with! . . . Miriam Reed, Realtor Store Manager

Lynchburg Assn: The company I usually order signs from was offering free shipping and handling. I needed some brochure boxes and was planning on ordering them but even with Free Shipping, they were more expensive than that has the best and most economical prices. Thanks for the great service! . . . Wanda Fitzgerald, Member Service Manager

The Inland Gateway Assn: I have done business with Randal for many years and found that he is a great vendor indeed. He provides top quality products at a great prices and the customer service is exceptional. He is always in touch with us through e-mails on the latest new products and our members love all the new products he is willing to introduce to us on consignment. Thanks Randal and Team!! . . . Staci Steele, Store Manager

SE Minnesota Assn: During my time working on our local Association retail store, I've had a chance to deal with several vendors. I consider Randal's services to be by far those of one of the top vendors. He cares about our success and provides quality products with a quick response! I would recommend anyone who is involved in a Local or State Association retail store to give Randal the opportunity to show you what others like myself have experienced with his top notch service and product! . . . Nate Johnson, Community & Political Affairs Director

Southern Maryland Assn: Randal has always been an exceptional person to work with and is always there to listen and help with our needs. Their products are the best and the agents here at SMAR really appreciate the selection. It makes me feel wonderful when they visit the Realtor Store and the comment on how the products are such a great addition to their marketing job . . . Ronnie Miles, Store Manager

Greater Lewisville Assn - TX: I have very much enjoyed working with you over the years. You are not just another vendor as you bring us a constant stream of innovative new products and tend to think outside the box. As I am retiring April 30th, you will be remembered as one of the vendors I have most enjoyed working with. Good luck to you in the future . . . Davis Watkins, GLAR Technology Coordinator - (Retired)

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed here are highly typical of the caliber of service you can expect to receive consistently throughout many years to come. To enjoy this same excellent level of service, great products and low prices others have come to expect, be sure to contact me by e-mail at . . . Randal Spence, President or call me anytime direct at 702.990.0093.

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